Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hard time.

this life. it's hard.
there are moments of such great dismay and disappointment that i just don't get it...i try very hard, i really do, to make it all go as well as i can make it but...holy fuck. you know, you just wanna go to work and have a reasonable time there, get shit done, maybe fall in love (not at work..) - hope that all goes well or that it has it's own issues but none that are deal breakers and that you can talk it out...that you get along with your co-workers, your loved ones, etc...
but a lot of days it's just not that way...sadly. it's much, much harder. and my brain gets rattled and confused and fucked and i just want to sell everything and move to mexico or hope or the desert...all pretty decent choices.
the last few days have been killers - mentally and physically....i'll make it but, i need some sleep. i'm trying to pack in a bunch of stuff this week so i'll have more free time later on but it's taking its toll on me. dinners with friends who just happen to be in town, dinners with friends that i've been trying to see for months, hockey, etc...i need a head massage.
i feel like a beaten man....

hopefully the afternoon is better...

g. xo

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