Sunday, August 03, 2008

monte clarke shells out

tonight, or last night i suppose, monte clarke invited a few of his pals out to his annual back alley party. now, i wouldn't know monte if he stood right in front of me but, i was there was the lovely shauna....our main motivation was to support our man byron dauncey who was having a coming out party of sorts as monte had asked him to provide the art for the party as well as do the front window of monte's granville street gallery...pretty big pants stuff to be sure. and by all accounts byron did a great job....
it was a tad loud for the old set - me - and the free beer and wine flowed to speak. fellow bomber cam andrews was there representing bombers everywhere, as was the flower factory contingent of katherine coe and rosanne bennett. good times...
have fun...more as it develops.

g. xo

angela fama and marcy enjoy the big back alley show.

cam and larry get down.

rosanne gets ready to leave the alley and the factory...

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