Friday, August 08, 2008

don bull gets new shoes...

...sort of.
last night the garbs and i, after cutting some lawns - a lot of lawns in the fuckin' hot africa like sun - went and met up with don bull for a little topanga action. don had been trying to get me there for a while now to buy me a birthday burrito and today was the day - i just brought a date, the garbs. and somehow, don bought him dinner as well...and the garbs was putting it back last night like, well, a man who had cut a fuckload of lawns in the hot sun. and drinking too. i kinda feel badly now that we ate like champs in don's dime...well, maybe bad isn't the work...maybe, really fucking good is better...i love don bull...thanks for dinner, nice work.
as much as i hate to admit it, because it's still a ways off, i have begun the 'give me back my fuckin' license' countdown...according to my calculations, i should be able to walk in there, the DMV, on the 31st (or the latest the first of sept.) and get the mug shot done and go for a drive. and i am gonna drive. all around, willlie nillie.
and happy birthday greetings go out to erin boniferro who turns 31 today...31! what the fuck? well, happy birthday sister...

ok. i need to get some shit done.
have a great friday.

g. xo

i've been cleaning out my closets a little lately. getting rid of t-shirts and stuff and cam across my favorite jeans. i had these jeans fixed, so to speak, by a guy over on fourth ave. at least five times and also mishi had a crack at them four times at least. i loved them. fit just right, felt good but, i finally let them go a couple days ago. sad really.

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