Friday, August 01, 2008

hey mister where ya goin' with that mower?

yesterday as marcy and i were coming back from richmond, after taking care of the doglawn, i got a phone call from a guy in strathcona who's lawn i was to cut as well...due to the crappy weather and such i decided i'd do it this morning - because it was gonna be so much better today. don't get me wrong, i was the guy who said we needed some rain, and we did/do, but, lawn cutting when it's super wet, not so good...i had also told shauna that she could use the car today to do some work related morning, as it rained and rained, shauna dropped me off in strathcona, very near casa gelato but just up on union street, and went on her there i was armed with a mower, bag, and a weed eater and away i went....and it was a bastard of a cut....a: very wet out and getting wetter, b: long grass - like perhaps 8 inches long and c: did i say it was raining out....? anyhow, away i went and surprisingly, it went ok....sure, i got very wet, and there's only so much you can do with a long wet lawn, but in the end, jay - my lawn order client - was super stoked getting his lawn cut on a rainy day....i have to admit i really like it when the people i do lawns for make a point of saying how great it looks or how happy they are with the job, makes it worthwhile, or more worthwhile.
so there i was...wet, and getting wetter and i had to meet with the propellor kids to make some drawings of the stuff i am getting made for the new headquarter store in i loaded up my weed eater and such and walked over to there studio on hastings street, all the while looking like a guy who had just stolen a lawn mower and weed eater.
i threw my stuff in their dryer so it was all good...and away we went making drawings and getting shit done. thank god for them, them propellor kids. i think this stuff is going to look great, as soon as i find someone to actually make it...i have a meeting with a wood working shop just down from propellor on tuesday and am also gonna assemble some other quotes as well. i kinda like this co-designer/construction coordinator stuff....a different kind of pressure than i'm used to...a new sensation.
on y way home from propellor i was walking along columbia street and some dudes asked me if i wanted any nacho type chips. i said no as i thought they were selling bags they had stolen from some store - and i really didn't need any chips - and then one of them said, "we're out here giving them to the homeless" i look homeless in my lawn cutting gear after cuting in the rain....nice.
i made my way down to the island to see mishi and garbs but shortly after getting there, and having some lunch, started feeling very sore and my back started acting up - not that it's actually stopped acting up at all really - and i decided to have a little lie down in the back of the pickle...then i'd had enough of that and headed home courtesy of shauna who was driving by on her way back from richmond....
i'm home now and it is here i shall stay unless we decide to go see the new hellboy flick or step brothers...

now you know the whole story.

have fun....

g. xo

tobe took these pics as i approached propellor this morning after cutting the long wet lawn.

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