Monday, September 16, 2013

oh the weekend that was

as i sit here now i can not imagine ever walking again without sore legs.really sore legs. 
after mega lawns during the last week, a bomber game friday night (win), five ball hockey games saturday (2-2-1) and another bomber game last night (win) i am a little tuckered out.

i was the goaltender in the all-day ball hockey tourney and used muscles in my thighs i don't use that much. good lord i am sore. our team, TEAM ODDS, raised $7000.00 so that's pretty cool. thanks to everyone who contributed.

and now, the rain. it's back and it's gonna be autumn soon and we better just start getting used to it - though i am praying for rain next saturday as it's fawn and dave's wedding and some sun would be great! and if i'm gonna wear my outfit, i'd rather be doing that in dry weather rather than wet.

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