Thursday, September 05, 2013

plugging away

i really haven't taken that much time off since the end of godzilla - sure i had a great weekend with garvie driving around washington and oregon and went to see some baseball in washing d.c, philly and houston (and i know that sounds like a lot) - but consider years previous.
after a show i would typically hop in my car - in recent years the element but for years the comet (larry) and go for a drive. sometimes that drive would take me up and down the coast and a few other sidebars, but more often that not, i was in for a real drive. sometimes circumnavigating the united states, sleeping in my car, showering at truck stops, crashing with friends when i could. watching baseball games - knocking off parks, eating burritos and tacos at places i had heard about or just came across. cups of coffee with truckers at crappy little side of the road diners.
all that.
now it seems, due to my work schedule, i work then take a flight to whatever games i want to see. last year it was cinncinatti, pittsburgh and cleveland. great games. and this years, the philly, washington, houston games. the difference this year was that due to the weather - it was suppose to rain the whole way and rainout all the games - it was so humid and hot that i basically went to games and looked for a/c afterwards - be it in a hotel or restaurant. not awesome. great games, but nit what you want when you're wanting to truck around and watch a few games. i was sweating most of the time like i'd been cutting lawns all day. like a freak.
anyhow..what's my point?
oh. ok.
i am still thinking of seeing more baseball. or...i dunno. driving down to get a burrito in santa cruz. or something.
i have, though, been keeping busy. rain and all. i have been cutting some lawns. the usual there. i have also been doing some days on set. cool. keeps my hour bank up for my medical and dental. super cool. and i have also been doing stuff that i hadn't anticipated, but that i am super down with. odds and ends. odd jobs. kinda. i was cutting the other day and a neighbour next to the lawn i was doing asked me if i could do some pruning of some trees for her. um, sure. it became apparent that she wanted the whole tree gone so in the end i had a truck full of branches and a good job done. the problem is, christine, who i was doing the job for, is starting to lose it and a few times during the job asked me a few questions that made exactly no sense. at all.
anyhow. i'll give her the bill and see what happens. i am a little scared but know i will get paid eventually.
and today, after the rain stopped, i made my way over to billy's place - a client i have who calls me here and there and gets me to cut the grass at a place he's renovating. and sometimes he gets me to take stuff away - dirt mainly but today it was dirt and garbage. so, again, my truck was filled with garbage and dirt and i was on my way to the dump. i love it. i like the solitary work. things look better once i am done - today both the lawn and the bags of crap gone. good stuff. if i could do shit like this every day i'd be happy. not as much dough as film but i think it's ok.
i may be heading to portland tomorrow or saturday or sunday to drive my man pete down there to get a car he is buying. i'm happy to spend a few hours in the car with pete. great guy, bomber brother, and great film technician.
ok. i have managed to down a couple sausages i bought bosa today and now need a little something sweet...

g. xo

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