Tuesday, September 10, 2013

sometimes you just have to hang your pants out the window.

it's true.
i think i have, on other occasions, had pieces of my clothing attached to parts of my car in order to dry them out while i drive. yesterday was just such a day.
mishi and i decided to go to bellingham and seattle yesterday and as was well until i got a coffee in a defective cup at Woods coffee just outside of blaine. the lid just would not stay on and the paper cup seemed flimsy. i spilt a little when i first got into the car but figured out - or so i thought - how to make it work.
when we got to bellingham i dropped mishi off at the crazy, make me lose my mind, antique shop and went to look for something else to do while she rummaged through piles of crap. i was holding the coffee in my right hand as i slowly pulled into a parking spacer when the cup gave way and the top popped off and before i knew it i was wearing the contents of the cup in my lap.
so great.
hot coffee, now turning cold and seeping into my gonch and through to my seat. love it. i was surprisingly, for me, not that upset but more in the thought process of, 'what the fuck now?' how do i make this right? buy new pants for the day? buy some shorts?
i went to a parking lot where i could take off my pants and see the real wetness and what i needed dry out to make things right. i ran the car heater for a bit, while mishi was still combing though piles of shit, and that worked a little. but when it came time to pick her up, the pants were still very wet, so we put them through the back window of the truck and away down the highway we went - pants flapping in the wind. air-drier.
by the time we got to seattle they were reasonably dry and away we went.

the details of the day in seattle are the usual.
mexican food. and more mexican food. and a little shopping. nothing of any great note to, well, note but it was a great day down there, the weather was great, the food was decent and we killed it at trader joe's so both of our shelves are now well stocked.
i'm having a domestic, stay at home - so far - kind of day. recycling, laundry, eating, etc. i'm gonna go out and see what's what but less is more today.

g. xo

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