Thursday, July 25, 2013

cleveland rocks

muc sent me a text a while back asking if i would be interested in seeing a ball game in seattle on the was my first real week off the big lizard show so i had the time. so, yes. i'd love to go. while he and i worked out some of the details - muc lives in victoria and he'd either take the 'clipper' down from victoria to seattle and i'd meet him there or...he'd come over and i'd pick him up from the ferry and then, when we came back (as it was a day game) i'd drop him back off at the ferry and he'd get the last ferry back home. perfect plan.
i asked pete if he was interested as well, he was and then brent and rave got on board. it was to be a boys day out. good.
day off rave was nowhere to be found - not answering his phone, etc. so he was and hasn't been seen since. brent had to attend an important meeting, so he was out. that's cool - work first. so i grabbed pete and we went and picked up muc at the ferry. all good.

we had a great time at the game - the mariners were clocked by the indians to the tune of 10-1 and i was the lone one with cleveland gear on - hat, t-shirt so i went away a happy cleveland fan (though really i was just happy to be with pete and muc..) we ate some crappy baseball park food, they drank overpriced beer and saw a couple home runs - one grand slam and some very poor fielding my the mariners centre fielder. good times.

after a filling burrito lunch at bimbos in capital hill, followed by a lovely coffee next door at cafe vita - we were on our way back. muc had looked at the ferry schedule and there was a ten o'clock ferry leaving tsawwassen so we were good. got through the border at 9 and we were away. lots of time.
to get the next ferry - at 7 am.
yup. no ten o'clock ferry. hhmmmm.
i mentioned that he could stay at my mom's place in tswawwassen or come to my place and take the bus out in the morning...or, at it turned out in the end - stay at matt (fellow bomber) and megan's place, also in tsawwassen, and get a ride to the ferry in the morning. so a few texts were sent, calls made and shortly we were at matt's place dropping off muc - who made it to the ferry sometime this morning. all's well that end's well...
i took pete home to his fancy 16th floor apartment in the west end and came home to fall into bed.
long day. good fun.

g. xo

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