Friday, July 26, 2013

long overdue

i remember the last time i rode it. clearly. garvie and i rode over to bowen island - well, took it on the ferry to bowen island - to visit my pal hamish. he has, most every year, a gathering at his place - his family's compound - and tons of people go. so we did too.
we rode the bike. and it started off badly.
ailsa burnt her leg on the pipe. nice. i couldn't have felt worse. but we/she  moved on and made our way to bowen. then things went south. actually, the time at hamish's was great. swam in a pool, etc. nice. then, on the way back, i think i/we became the victims of some bad gas. and it was touch and go to whether or not we'd make it back home. but we did and the bike has sat ever since. i was pissed-off. two years pissed-off i guess.
until today.

i had been thinking about taking the cover off and starting it up. so today was the day. and after just a few kicks, it started up. very nice. and i rode it around the underground a little, the tires flat-ish, and it seems ok. the real test will be out on the road for a few miles - get the gas running through (i drained most fo the old gas and will replace it with some nice high octane juice.)
so..we'll see. there could be some riding in my future.


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