Sunday, July 28, 2013

i do, i do...i don't...

yesterday, after a what seems like years in the making, my cousin roz got married to, as my uncle glen likes to call him, randy andy (real name andrew.) and he's a bit of a quiet sort so you could probably call him a number of different things and he'd not correct you. andy, drew, randy andy, snookums, etc...all workable.

it was a very nice affair out on what could be described as a farm pasture in a rural section of langley not far from the US/CDN border. the actual 'i do's' were said in the shade of a oak tree and once the crying had stopped, we had mr. and mrs. hale, i think...or mr. hale and ms. harry, or  some combination of such things - hale-harry, harry-hale, hey-you-hale, harry-and what's his name...all that. maybe the're just use initials AHH and RHH. either way or whichever way, the taxes are different now.
congrats to them.

the reception was a backyard affair - and i had heard tale that a: it was an all veggie affair (and there's nothing wrong with that i just knew i needed a little something more..), and that the likelyhood of a margarita was unlikely - garvie, floyd, janine and i headed to the local cactus club and had a few pre-game snacks after the wedding i-dos. there was an hour and half gap between the actual wedding and the receiving of guests at the house so it was a good call and gave us all a chance to sit and chat and just relax. the 'family' was off doing photos and such so weren't needed anyways.

i, after many unsuccessful tries, managed to finally tie a bowtie i could live with and wore it proudly for the entire day/night....and i had grand plans of being home by nine pm but we didn't roll in until much later and i am a bit tuckered out today - we made our way to the farmer's market thingy in ladner this morning to meet-up with fiona and dorothy as they had a grand daughter and grandma night last night in tsawwassen watching movies outdoors at the park there. good times.

so here i sit, enjoying the cold air of eco-air conditioning - geothermal - and contemplating seeing what goes in in the world outside my window...but i may just have a nap instead.

g. xo

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