Monday, June 16, 2008

someone say pie?...

today, after finally getting our collective shit together at 1:30 pm...fuck it was sunday, who cares?...we headed over to west van and ambleside to walk stella and get some pie at savary island pie company. stella had a huge walk and was done by the end of it. we ate pie while stella looked on and wondered why she didn't get a piece of her own.
afterwards shauna dropped me off at one of my lawns in east van five blocks from another lawn i had to do after i finished the first job, i packed up my stuff and walked over to the other on mcgill street...worked out pretty well...who needs a drivers license?...not me, the mower has wheels and i'm still a young man...two lawns, biggish, in 1 and a half hours including the walk between them....i'm a fuckin' machine.
tonight was the bombers last game of the spring season that counted for anything...we have one more that is more of an make-up game on tuesday night but this one tonight sealed our fate. we head into the playoffs dead last in our division. nice. we'll fight it out and see what happens...i'm saying right now we win our way to the can take that to the bank. to bed...

night night.

g. xo

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