Monday, June 23, 2008

candy colored clown

today is was taken aback...really. it doesn't happen often and, in the world of movie making, it's only happened to me once before when i saw al pacino do a scene in a crappy movie i was working on. al pacino did an 'al pacino' - rant and roll like no one else and all of a sudden i realized i was watching al pacino. does that makes sense? i know you know what i mean...i thought right then, " holy fuck that's fuckin' al pacino...." anyhow, it happened again today, not in the same way but it was one of the few cool movie moments...i was on set today on battlestar galactica and in came dean stockwell. i didn't know he was a character on this show, as i don't watch it, so it was a surprise and i sat there waiting for craft service to deliver us some sandwiches, when in he walked...
he's a character to be sure. a little grumpy, a cigar chomper and a guy ready to call "bullshit!!"...he's been in a lot of films and television (check the link above..) but to most people in my generation he's that crazy fuck in blue velvet by david lynch.
it was pretty cool.
i'm of the movie bandwagon until we get back from sask....the next couple of days is about getting the platform ready for voltage's munny show, cutting grass and getting the elephant ready to travel america's interstates.

more later

g. xo

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