Tuesday, June 03, 2008

me and sammy...

(this is where the picture of rock and roller sammy hagar was suppose to be....the red rocker, mr. i can't drive 55....anyhow, blogger is having problems so....just imagine a picture of him here...)

the powers that be - in this case ICBC - have decided that i am a threat to public safety, and for that reason, have decided to take my license to drive away for three months.
in the last two years i have received four speeding tickets, all in the same locale, near the BOC shop...previous to this, say the ten years previous, i had a pretty good record in this regard. in fact, i can't remember my last speeding ticket in canada before that...anyhow, i am now without and because if this may be bumming a few rides for the next three months...
now is the time when old garn calls in a few favors here and there - and trust me, if i ask you for a ride or help one day, know that it took a lot for me to call you....i don't like asking for help. i like giving it, i don't like getting it.
there was a letter written in my defense, that they said i could write, to try and change their minds, but it didn't work, at all. and there's another appeal process that involves the supreme court of british columbia, but really, i think it's better to just start the clock now and move forward...
am i bummed? yup...there's a certain independence i've enjoyed the better part of my life having wheels i can turn to. and for the next few months i won't have them...that's a bummer...but it'll work out, i know that, it'll just be....a bummer.
ang and the arbs are gonna help ut with the lawn order driving duties and shauna has thrown her hat into the ring, which is excellent....since she lives so close and i can ask anytime for a ride when i need one....and she's a good driver...mishi and marcy have both offered up their services as well...
so i'm all set to start my term, which i suppose has actually already started. day one or ninety, today. i'm already looking towards day number two - its gonna be wicked.

i love you all.

g. xo

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