Monday, November 14, 2005

smuggling art, drinking coffee and telling lies.

ok. so it's kind of like a typical day except for the smuggling of the paintings. today i drove down to point roberts, washington-where i get shit sent that i don't want to pay duty on-and picked up the paintings i had purchased from frank kozik. i left them in the packaging, that frank had packed so very well, and decided to try my luck just getting the suckers through. for those who don't know anything of this purchase. i, recently, bought some-two-paintings from artist frank kozik. the paintings have itwms on them, included in them, that some people may find offensive. i don't. i think they are beautiful paintings that reflect a certain stance on assholes. skater assholes, shoe assholes, assholes in general. but in person these paintings look great. better than in pictures. feel free to come on by and have a look. and you can decide, either in person or from the photos, if they are questionable. i think not. when i was driving through i lied...and it's kind of a long thing now to recount ot re-write here but...suffice to say, i said they were 'given' to me, that frank just likes me and was sending me paintings i wanbted, that he's just a pal who is a painter and isn't remotely famous, and that i have no idea the worth... and away i drove. fuck 'em, they get enough of my money. i was happy that i didn't have to open them up and show the boder dudes the paintings...what i like and how i feel about these paintings, isn't going to be the same as them..that's a fact. so here you go. the pics...enjoy.

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